The Mikado Casting Call 12th December

Show Week October 25th to 29th 2022

Our autumn show for 2022 is Gilbert and Sullivan's 'The Mikado', a popular show with plenty of humour and catchy melodies.

Performed during October half term, 24th to 29th October, at Saddleworth school. The new venue will offer different opportunities and challenges and the society is looking forward to exploring and utilising the facilities available.

Producer Anita's vision for 'The Mikado' is for a more modern approach with the 9 principal characters acting on a purpose-built stage with a static choir of non-acting chorus members.

As usual, there will be live musical accompaniment. It is an exciting prospect.

SMS has an all-inclusive approach which will mean anyone may join the static choir, including those who have not previously participated in shows. We also encourage new members to join. Anyone may audition for principal parts including interested parties outside the Society.

Auditions will be held on Sunday 12th December at Uppermill Methodist Church. If you can't make this date then let us know so that other arrangements can be made. Times will be alloted on a first come/first served basis.

Rehearsals are every Thursday, starting in June 2022, with Sunday afternoon rehearsals added from September.

Anyone interested in performing in a particular role please send your contact details, including a telephone number and the role(s) you would like to audition for, to The singing parts will be sent to you by email.

Those interested in joining the static choir please send your contact details, including a telephone number, to the email address above, so information can be forwarded to you.

The 9 principal roles are:

Nanki Poo - (Tenor C3-A4) (Click on link to download audition part.)
The son of The Mikado who, to escape the attentions of a mature woman Katisha, takes on the guise of a wandering minstrel. He is searching for the beautiful Yum-Yum, who he has seen just once and with whom he has fallen in love.

Pish Tush - (Bass/Baritone F2-E4) (Click on link to download audition part.)
'A Noble Lord', this character is the sensible one who tries to keep matters under control. He has a strong solo which describes the situation regarding the post of Lord High Executioner. He will have a broad Yorkshire accent.

Pooh Bah - (Baritone G2-D4 [F#4] ) (Click on link to download audition part.)
This character is a chauvinist who regards everyone as beneath him. He is a very pompous and self-promoting character, but a hint of humanity will eventually come through! Pooh-Bah will have an upper crust accent.

Ko Ko - (Baritone G2-E4) (Click on link to download audition part.)
This poor chap, though having committed no crime other than having a flirtatious eye, has found himself raised to the rank of Lord High Executioner, enjoying this lofty position until he is ordered to carry out the dreadful deed. Thus an excellent character to portray with a range of emotions to act with an element of humour. Ko-Ko will speak with a broad Lancashire accent.

Mikado - (Bass/Baritone F2-D4) (Click on link to download audition part.)
An absolute autocrat, his word is law and must be obeyed. Irritated beyond measure by Katisha. Although he does not appear until act 2, he has some strong dialogue and one of the best solo moments in the show. A strong character, who must appear to be dominant when on stage. His accent will be an upper crust one befitting of his station.

Yum Yum - (Soprano D4-A5) (Click on link to download audition part.)
Yum-Yum and her two friends live very sheltered lives as wards of Ko-Ko. With nothing to judge by she thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Yum-Yum is flattered by Nanki-Poo's wooing but, her interest falters when she learns that he has agreed to be executed if Ko-Ko will allow him to marry her for a month. By the Mikado's law the wife of an executed man will be buried alive. This definitely cools her ardour!! She will have an upper crust accent

Pitti Sing - (Mezzo G3-F5) (Click on link to download audition part.)
Best friend of Yum-Yum, she has the common sense that Yum-Yum lacks. She is an organiser who will speak out. However, as the story develops, and she becomes involved in a 'cover up' she panics as well as the rest. Upper crust accent.

Peep Bo - (Mezzo D4-D5) (Click on link to download audition part.)
The third of the trio, she will tell things as they are. Not a large principal part, this character is a wonderful opportunity for a young actress. Upper crust accent.

Katisha - (Alto G#3-F5) (Click on link to download audition part.)
"A lady of more mature years". Perhaps a touch of 'mutton dressed as lamb', this domineering woman is out for revenge at being spurned by Nanki-Poo, but this is a vulnerable and lonely lady. There is great comedy here too in her encounters with Ko-Ko. This part is demanding and requires great skill in portraying all the emotions that are needed, especially when she finally realises that she has missed her last chance. Upper crust accent.